"Jazz is not just music, it's a way of life, it's a way of being, a way of thinking."

Nina Simone

We come to your community offering...

...our craft and experience, our Earth-based traditions, our personal stories, our artistic aesthetics. We are women.  We are people of color. We are queer and straight and other.  We are working artists.  We are activists and scholars. We come to your community offering our craft and experience, our Earth-based traditions, our personal stories, our artistic aesthetics. We come Joyfully ready to walk with your communities as they speak, dance, sing, write their stories. Together, we will validate our own Lives.  We will honor our Ancestors.  We will cross the constructs that have been put in place to divide us.  We will stand tall together. We will lock arms/we will move forward.  Together we will Shine.

Our Company of Artists are each award winning, nationally recognized leaders. Based in the West Coast, East Coast and Midwest, The Company brings a wealth of expertise as offerings to your community. Details available upon request



Like Jazz

Extended Residency Activities with Sharon Bridgforth. Inquire Here.


The Abandonment Principles(tm)

Facilitated by Sonja Parks

Acting, in the traditional sense, is a prison. Actors are taught to rehearse what will happen over & over again so it’s the same every time. Through journaling, movement, music and formation of artistic community, we’ll begin to develop the fearless vulnerability implicit in the practice of Art as Love. 


Remixing the Circle (Our Lives Matter)

Facilitated by Ni’Ja Whitson Adebanjo

This workshop is designed for Queer and Trans-identified people of color.
The workshop will be grounded in African-Diasporic circle dance frameworks and will remix freedom and ritual songs with contemporary chants and writing. 


Reclaiming The "Lakou"

Facilitated by Marie Casimir

This workshop is designed to develop and tease out the familial and/or diaspora stories we carry in a communal setting. Participants will be asked to do some free writing, to engage in movement exercises and be prepared to share the bones of a short story, happening, tale etc. 


West African Dance Workshop

Facilitated by Jasmine Johnson

This high-intensity workshop introduces participants to dances from Guinea, West Africa. Its focus is on developing participants' relationship between percussion and movement. 


Healing Justice: Black&Brown Lives Matter

Facilitated by Nia Witherspoon

This workshop enumerates traditional approaches to health and healing in communities of color in the context of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and the colonization of the Americas, and is designed primarily for people of color, especially youth.